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“Juliet Naked”

In Summer 2017 I was very lucky to be 1st Assistant Sound on the comedy “Juliet Naked” the film addapted from Nick Hornby’s Novel about obbsession, music, rock and roll, relationships and lifes stagnation.


I have realised that I have not updates mywebsite for a year! So I will post a few highlights 🙂

I boomed the Red Nose Day Love Actually –

We also recorded the “La La land Intro” for Red Nose Day, with a very taleneted music mixer. It was fantastic fun.


After this Stevie Haywood and I went onto shoot the UK unit of “The Death and Life of J F Donovan” all shot on 35mm and 65mm, we were using the camera that shot Laurance of Arabia! A highlight of my career was working with Natalie Portman.

“My Cousin Rachel” Feature Film

I will be working on the new remake of a 1950’s classic directed by Roger Michell “My Cousin Rachel” as the 2nd Assistant Sound until June. I am very excited to be working with Sound Mixer Danny Hambrook on this job.

1st Assistant Sound – Job description article


“The Limehouse Golem”


In October 2015, my old friend and sound mixer Stevie Haywood AMPS invited me to be his 1st Assistant Sound on the Gothic Murder film “The Limehouse Golem” shooting all over the North of England with a gruelling schedule we turned the streets and buildings of old England into the streets of London in the 1850’s. It was a fantastic shoot with an amazing cast, some really beautiful performances that I was very proud to be a part of bringing them to the big screen.

In cinemas 2016!

The Limehouse Golem IMDB

Limehouse set Photos and information

Source Book Wiki link


January 2015 – Surgery

I had to take the summer of 2015 off work due to surgery, but I am all recovered and I have now stepped up to become a full time 1st Assistant Sound.

On the lead up to my surgery I worked on –

“Downton Abbey” Season 6 dailies– Main unit and second unit 2nd sound assistant for David Lascelles AMPS and Dylan Voigt.

“The Program” Feature Film pickup day – Sound Mixer Peter Lindsay

“Patient Zero” Feature Film Daily covering 2nd sound assistant for Sound Mixer Paul Munro




Two Faces of January – Making of

I was very lucky to work on the UK part of The Two Faces of January


The making of is fantastic, about as good as it gets. I feature in it booming and recording effects!


It was so much fun and one of my favorite jobs.


Slapper and Me

For the last week or so I have been Booming on “Slapper and Me” a low budget feature film at Green Screen Studios in York with Clive Copland. It was rather fun, lovely energetic crew and nice to be working on something filled with passion.


Dads Army

I have just been in for a day to help out on the new “Dads Army” film, we had a lovely day at the coast with a bunch of great British actors. Very nice day indeed!

No Offence

I am currently working on No Offence a Police Drama for Channel 4.

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