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IPS + NFTS x BBC = Fun

I have just returned from the Annual Institute of Professional Sound training weekend at the National Film and TV School. The IPS board created a fantastic weekend, as much information as humans can absorb in 16 hours.

Saturday – Outside Broadcast/Live Sound. The majority of the course was delivered by Pete Bridges, the senior sound supervisor for the BBC in charge of all sound system design at the Olympics 2012.

Subjects covered – London 2012 overview of broadcasters and organisation. Comm’s, commentary chains, venue details and typical set-ups. An in-depth look into the international broadcast centre and its infrastructure. Circuit distribution and matrix systems.

Ian furness delivered a great lecture on the day to day running of sound staff during major sporting events and imparted his experiences to help with day to day working, from kit bag to security procedure topped off with the best piece of advice “You will be searched and prodded every step of the way, every day, keep your cool and stay smiling”

Sunday – Live Music production for broadcast

Tutors – Hugh Robjohns, Steve Richards, Rupert Flint, Mike Felton, Pete Freshny.

Subjects covered – Each Job role explored – Montor, FOH and Broadcast Engineer. Band Mic techniques, balance practice for FOH and mixing fast for live broadcast.

Technology – Splits, mixing desks (analogue and digital), wedges, line arrays, IEM and the importance of department co-op to create the cleanest feeds for all three departments.

Followed up by a day of hands on practical experience, mixing live Rock, Jazz and a 15 piece swing band! We even had a full BBC OB Sound truck to play with!

With Tutors who mix “Later with Jools” we had the best of the best. Learned so much.

Thank you to Simon Bishop, Richard Merrick, Ian Sands and the rest of the IPS who put this together for us. Outstanding.




IPS Training weekend

In February I will be attending The Institute of Professional Sound annual training weekend at the National Film and TV School.

A two day course, the first day covering outside broadcast for Live sports events, specifically aimed at the Olympics later this year.

The second day is covering the recording of live music performance with live bands.

VHF Radio

I have just taken a marine radio course as part of my continuation of sea based work skills, next I am due to start my Yacht day skipper theory. Soon I will be sailing along the west coast of Scotland 🙂

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