I have six years experience in the media industry, I started working in small production companies covering all aspects of production. Starting out as a technical assistant I was introduced to recording sound on location. I have organised shoots, researched and directed sequences while recording sound in foreign lands.

Roles experienced – production co-ordination, lots of data management and logging, editing on FCP, sound editor/mixing, researcher for science and environmental content, second camera, underwater camera and dive safety. I have recorded in mainland Europe, DR Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

I now work as an experienced 2nd boom operator and sound assistant for TV Drama and feature film, including high budget studio productions.

I am hard working, skilled and a solid member of the sound team, I work well with other departments to make interdepartmental co-operation flow smoothly.

Please see my CV for more information.

Thank you for your interest!

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Supplementary member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound.

Associate member of the Institute of Professional Sound.




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