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WRAP! Hank Zipzer

Well that’s a wrap on old zipzer, a long hard shoot with a crazy schedule but lots of fun!! As usual I have made some wonderful friends and hope to work with them all again soon.


I am now available for Dailies as second boom!! Please see my CV for contact details.



Hank Zipzer

All at Sea has now come to a close and has given me some great opportunities, the guys have kindly let me boom whole scenes on my own, at least one a day for the last couple of months and I had the chance to boom on a second unit day, and even boom/record a few scenes solo for the second unit pick-ups. We had a wonderful crew, with the busiest schedule I have worked on, 7-10 pages a day for two months keeps you on your toes 🙂

All of this was a great experience and the guys are pushing me to boom even better than before! Life is good.

We are all now moving onto a an American production of Hank Zipzer being shot in the UK until December, new challenges and a new town. I am excited to meet the Fonz!


“All At Sea”

After a long but very fun four months my time on Inspector George Gently is over, it was an absolute pleasure. The funniest job I have ever worked on by far, thanks to the cast and crew.

I am now moving back to Manchester to work with my old team Jonny Seale and Henry Dyer on the CBBC Drama “All At Sea” until the end of August. Its going to be great to work with the guys again and lots of the shameless crew, also its my first official job for the BBC, cosmic!


Inspector George Gently

I am about to start work on the new series of Inspector George Gently over in Durham until the end of June, it should be a great shoot and Durham looks lovely. I will be assisting Production Sound Mixer Gavin Dunn for the duration. Exciting start to the shooting year!


Association of Motion Picture Sound

I am very proud to have been accepted as a supplementary member of the Association of Motion Picture Sound (AMPS) and next year I can step up to an associate member, this has been a fantastic end to the best year of my career. Click the logo to visit the site.

Peaky Blinders

After we finished Shameless for the year in December I was very lucky to be invited over to Leeds for the final days shooting of “Peaky Blinders” a 1930’s gang drama set in Birmingham. I had a great day with Brian Milliken AMPS and Jackson on boom. It was a lovely finish to a fantastic 2012.

“The Two Faces of January”

I will be working on The Two Faces of January shoot over the next few weeks at Ealing Studio as a second boom/assistant for Ray Beckett, I think it will be a great job,  a few friends are working on this shoot so I am looking forward to catching up.


“All You Need is Kill”

I was very luck to work a day last week on “All You Need is Kill” with Tim White AMPS and Nick Gillett on Boom. It was a great experience and I enjoyed it very much.

Spike Island Premiere

Earlier this year I worked on “Spike Island” and saw the film at the cast and crew on my birthday last month, it was great to see all our hard work put together, to see everyone again and the film sounds lovely, so I am happy 😛

“Shameless” Series 10

I am currently working on Shameless in Manchester up to Christmas, its nice to be back with the guys.

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